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  • Innovative Software From The Brand You Know For Imaging Solutions

    Polaroid’s ID Card Maker software packages offer industry-leading ID solutions to businesses of every description—whether you need a start-up program or an advanced security solution. Just as important, all of our software integrates seamlessly with our advanced printers and capture software, making it simple to get your ID card program up and running. And as your program grows, ID Card Maker is easily upgradeable to meet your needs now and in the future.

  • ID Card Maker Elite Edition

    Polaroid’s most advanced ID software, ID Card Maker Elite is a complete, turnkey solution that provides advanced features and security. It gives users and developers powerful options for sophisticated proximity and smart card-based programs, using the builtin Proximity and Smart Card Utility, as well as Polaroid’s SASI and Lifetouch Plug-ins for education facilities. Elite has a user-friendly interface to design cards, reports and customize user entry and production forms. A database connection wizard simplifi es database, card, report and form connections. Database connectivity options are expanded in Elite to interface to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for Microsoft® Active Directory.® ID Card Maker Elite also offers Binary PDF 417 bar code functionality.

  • ID Card Maker Expert Edition

    ID Card Maker Expert Edition offers many of the advanced features of Elite, with the exception of Binary PDF 417 bar code and LDAP support. The Proximity and Smart Card Utility is included with the Expert Edition.
    Expert features a user-friendly interface and easy-to-learn work process, making it easier to train your personnel on the system and get your ID program up and running. As with our Elite Edition, Expert offers the optional Software Developers Kit (SDK), allowing you to customize your system to meet your precise needs. ID Card Maker Expert, similar to Elite, can also be ordered separately as Project and Process modules.

  • ID Card Maker Enhanced Edition

    ID Card Maker Enhanced is built with the same workfl ow and easy-to-use interface as Elite and Expert. A complete package for ID programs that do not require advanced proximity and smart card features, Enhanced provides a core set of tools for creating ID card and report designs, customized card production forms, entering and retrieving data, capturing images and printing on card and paper printers. Enhanced also offers multiple security levels to help you protect your data and card program. Enhanced uses TWAIN or Video for Windows® for all capture applications.

  • ID Card Maker Entry Edition

    ID Card Maker Entry Edition is ideal for small businesses, day care centers, and other organizations requiring affordable, fast, effi cient creation of photo ID cards. With an intuitive interface to enable users to create one- or two-sided card designs, including capturing images and working with color and graphics. Entry Edition also allows you to enter and retrieve data as well as encode magnetic stripes and print bar codes.