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Cardsonline Enterprise

A Web-based photo ID card issuance solution from an identification leader you can trust.

ScreenCheck introduces CardsOnline Enterprise, a web-based photo ID card issuance system that transforms any authorized PC with web or Intranet access into a feature-rich photo ID card processing workstation. With true, web-based architecture, COL-E represents a game-changing strategy for deploying photo ID card issuance across the enterprise without the complexities and cost of software maintenance and license management associated with client/server applications. And, unlike other web-based solutions, enrollment-only workstations require no local licensing or software components other than image and data capture device drivers.

Card production workstations additionally require the COL-E Print Manager module and card printer driver.

Acquisition of COL-E is available through license ownership or as a SaaS (Software-as- a-Service) solution.

Cardsonline Enterprise

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  • Oracle’s MySQL serves as a robust native database that can also be pre-populated with a built-in import/export wizard. But enterprise level ID card issuance typically demands data management solutions that seamlessly leverage existing data for card production and update other systems with data captured during the ID card enrollment process. ScreenCheck offers ready access to its development team that is heavily experienced in furnishing custom data agents capable of executing automated push/pull data transfer processes within a wide variety of IT environments.

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  • With centralized system management and a wide range of possible deployment models, COL-E offers exceptional adaptability to the unique aspects of each client’s organizational structure. For example, multiple sectors within the enterprise can each have its own group of card production applications, authorized users, card designs, and data sources that is partitioned entirely from other groups. A group can consist of a single or multiple card issuance applications, each designed for specific needs. Multiple groups can also share a common data source and card print center or be subdivided into units that are further restricted to certain users, card applications, and data access options. Centralized control also offers dynamic management of workstation allocation for accommodating peak processing demands or longer-term changes in system topography requirements.

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  • COL-E is designed to let organizations create an efficient card enrollment, verification, and production workflow environment that integrates closely with existing business processes. A common scenario consists of multiple, online workstations with full enrollment capability (photo, signature, fingerprint capture; data entry). Enrollment workstations then submit print requests via the web or Intranet to a central card print center where verification and production staff efficiently reviews print requests and intelligently manages card production, using the COL-E Print Manager. Problem print requests are held and workstations notified to resubmit corrected information. Alternatively, any workstation equipped with a card printer and the Print Manager module can issue cards instantly over-the-counter.

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    • Since no enterprise is immune to change, COL-E offers compelling value well beyond the initial sale with inherent flexibility to accommodate evolving client needs and technology’s own ever-changing advancements. Moreover, web-based architecture lends itself to a more organic process of application refinement and feature enrichment that is continually driven by successful experiences in meeting real-world challenges and innovation by the ScreenCheck development team. Consistent with this concept, COL-E virtually eliminates software obsolescence with full point-release upgrades included in standard software support and maintenance plans that cost no more than basic technical support for client/server systems.