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Secure Integrated Platform

What is BadgePass? BadgePass is an integrated suite of security and identity solutions that will revolutionize the way that you and your customers think of identity management. It offers a centralized database for all of your security applications, including ID Badging, Visitor Management and Access Control. Best of all, it is designed to be modular, giving your customer exactly what they want today, but the tools they need to expand in the future.






Simplify the process of issuing badges in your organization with BadgePass Identity Manager. First, design secure and unique credentials in BadgePass Studio. Then, easily capture photos and user information in Identity Manager, the only application that greatly simplifies your enrollment process by directly integrating with all other BadgePass modules to allow for true single-step badge issuance and activation.

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  • Design
  • Use the revolutionary BadgePass Studio application to create secure and customized credentials with ease. Once you’ve finished, your designs are saved directly to the BadgePass system, making them ready to use and easily accessible to anyone on the network.

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  • Enroll
  • Enroll users into the system faster than ever before with BadgePass automated enrollment.Simply scan a Driver’s License or any federally issued ID and watch as the system automatically populates all of the user’s information onto the screen. Capture photos,add additional demographic data and specify security roles in one single interface. Print credentials using any of the major card printers on the market.

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  • Manage
  • As identity information or security roles change, utilize BadgePass Identity Manager to keep your organization up to date. Each new person you enroll will instantly be added in each of the other modules. Alternately, deactivating or changing an identity here will automatically disable or alter that user’s security privileges in all BadgePass modules.

Effective Visitor Management

BadgePass Visitor Manager offers a fast, simple and user-friendly way to electronically register and track people visiting your facility. Quickly scan a visitor’s ID to automatically populate the visitor enrollment screen, gather any additional information, and check them in. Print customized visitor badges in seconds, allowing for easy identification of all guests in the building. In the event of an emergency or lockdown, you will always have an accurate list of all the current visitors onsite. Best of all, BadgePass Visitor Manager allows for quick and accurate reporting at a later date, so you can always keep track of who has been visiting.

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  • Register
  • The BadgePass Driver’s License reader recognizes all state-issued IDs, driver’s licenses, military IDs and credit cards, allowing for instant identity verification. The interactive screen guides you through each step of the check-in process, allowing you to choose where visitors are going and the contact person they are meeting with.

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  • Track
  • Once someone is checked in, print them a customized visitor label to quickly identify them as a visitor. Or, issue them a QuickPass™ card, a reusable visitor badge that can be integrated with BadgePass Access Manager, allowing you to grant visitors temporary access rights during their stay and track where they are moving within your facility.

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  • Report
  • BadgePass Visitor Manager offers a wide range of reports that can be selected for direct viewing or printing. Web-based, these reports can be accessed by anyone on the network with privileges and allow for more accurate recording of who has been visiting the facility.

Integrated Access Management

Increase your organization’s security with BadgePass Access Manager to easily monitor and track who is coming and going at all times. Lock down secure areas with ease using state of the art software, panels, readers and locks. The system interface is simple to navigate, allowing you to create user groups and schedules and assign access rights with ease. No matter what the size of your organization or the scope of the project, BadgePass Access Manager can help you take your security to the next level.

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  • Badge
  • Redefine the traditional approach to badge issuance with BadgePass. First, use BadgePass Studio to design customized badges for everyone at your facility. Then, use Identity Manager to determine access rights and system privileges, while printing high-quality, secure credentials that will work instantly in Access Manager!

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  • Secure
  • Controlling access to your facility has never been easier than with BadgePass. Easily establish door schedules and holidays and create lockdown policies and procedures. Monitor Pointe offers the perfect solution for organizations hoping to keep an eye on their door access system at all times. All activity within the system is clearly displayed within the customizable and user-friendly interface.

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  • Report
  • BadgePass Access Manager offers a wide range of reports that can be selected for direct viewing or printing. Web-based, these reports can be viewed by anyone on the network with privileges and allow for more accurate recording of who has been accessing the facility.

Simplified Data Capture

Reduce the time it takes to enroll people into any system with BadgePass SmartReg. Simply scan a driver’s license or federally issued ID and watch as the system automatically populates any enrollment or registration screen in seconds. Save both time and money by minimizing manual data entry errors and reducing the time it takes to enter customer information. With SmartReg, duplicate records and misspellings can quickly become a thing of the past.

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  • Automate Enrollment
  • The process is simple. Scan a driver’s license or federally issued ID and SmartReg will automatically populate your current enrollment or registration screen. The system is specifically designed to work with your current system, adding an increased level of functionality and cost-effectiveness.

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  • Assure Accuracy
  • Manually typing customer and member information into a system is not only time consuming, but it can often lead to costly errors and misspellings. By collecting the information directly from your patrons’ IDs you can guarantee accurate information every time and help to make duplicate records a thing of the past.

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  • Expedite Check-In
  • The more efficient your enrollment process is, the happier your customers will be. Help them to enjoy your products and services faster and increase the likelihood that they will return in the future.